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08 November 2011

My Little Love Bugs

I'm just now getting a few minutes to post some pictures from Halloween and Halloween weekend.  I will feel all caught up once these are up!

Last Sunday, we went to the Fall Festival at my parents' church in Tempe.  We got the girls all dressed up in their costumes and got to spend the evening walking around the campus.  They had games and bounce houses and food, so naturally we had a good time.  I even met another potential friend whose kids were born within weeks of each of my girls.  

Sydney's always a bit hesitant when her big sister is holding her!

 Love my little bugs.

He was asked several times where he worked!

I think her favorite part of the night was dancing on the steps.  Dance party of one.

Slightly scary picture of David - he had just climbed all the way up the rock wall and was the envy of all the kids!

I didn't take too many pictures at the festival because it was hard lugging around my beloved diaper bag, wearing Sydney AND snapping pictures.  

On the day of Halloween, I did a couple of outfit changes for Sydney.  I put her in a onesie that Olivia wore for her first Halloween and then also her monkey suit.  

Hat courtesy of Ron and Debbie who always send the cutest knit gifts!

Mama's little monkey!

David wanted to get into the costume changing spirit and pulled out his old Superman costume from our first year of dating.

Ready for a little back story?  Well, David had just moved into his new house in Indiana and it was going to be his first year to hand out Halloween candy.  He called me around 4:30 on Halloween day and asked me to meet him at Meijer to pick out a costume.  Of course there was nothing left, so we ran across the street to WalMart to see if they had anything.  David spotted this Superman costume and was sold.  It was perfect because Magnum had a Superman costume too.  The only thing was, this costume was a Child's XL.  We figured it was a stretchy material and we thought we could make it work.   We got home just as the kids were filling the streets, so I manned the front door while David changed.  Not two minutes later, I heard him screaming for help.  I run in to see him squeezing himself into this costume {the chest was made of a hard plastic to make it look like he had abs}.  It wouldn't even come close to tying in the back and the feet covers that were supposed to be at his ankles were above his calves.  But, that wasn't the worst of it!  Without going in to details, let's just say that it was not an appropriate costume for him to be wearing, especially in front of children.

Aaaannnddd, this just awesome husband just found the pictures from that Halloween, so here are a few flashbacks!  

When Olivia woke up from her nap, my parents came over and we got her dressed, had some pizza and got the driveway set up for the trick-or-treaters.  Since it was still warm outside, it was nice to be outside watching all of the kids go by.  Most of the people in the neighborhood were actually sitting outside passing out candy.  A few people turned it into parties - we went down one cul-de-sac where everyone on the street was stationed at the first house and you could just grab something from each of the bowls set out on a table.  Then there was another table full of crockpots, chips and cupcakes!  

My parents stayed at our house and passed out the candy, while David and I took Olivia {and Sydney snuggled up in the Ergo} down a few streets.  The first three houses she went to started off a little shaky.  The people would say, "Oh, you are a cute little bumblebee," to which Olivia would reply, "I'm NOT a bumblebee.  I'm a bumblebee."  She got a little scared of the people, but by the fourth house she had it down pat!  It was all, "Trick-or-treat. Thank you. I want to go to another house!" 

I managed to stick with them for about 2 1/2 streets and then had to come home to feed the ladybug.  Olivia emptied her till and Dad ended up going with them for a couple more streets.  She came home with another full bucket of candy and was allowed to enjoy a few treats {which she gobbled up like there was no tomorrow}!

Overall, it was a fabulous Halloween.  I know Olivia is looking forward to trick-or-treating again and doesn't quite understand that it's a once-a-year kind of thing!

Happy Tuesday from the Valley of the Sun!


Mom Cooper said...

An awesome time was had by all. Even Nana and Poppy had a good time passing out candy.

Doug Johnson said...

Great pictures of everyone, but the one of Magnum and David is my favorite.

Irma said...

I smiled the whole way through this blog...and LOL when I saw David in his superman outfit. The girls looks so darn cute...I can't even choose a favorite photo...I love them all!