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05 November 2011

Our Day at the Fair - In Instagram Photos

We made it to the Arizona State Fair today!  The Santa Barbara County Fair is still our favorite {well, to be honest the Bartholomew County 4-H Fair is my all-time favorite}, but this one had the petting zoo and the pony rides {our main reason for going}, mini rides and fair food.  It was a gorgeous fall day here, which was perfect for walking around especially when I'm carrying Sydney.  Here are a few {errr, a lot of} pictures from our day.

 Mom in the shot!!!

 Ha ha - I love Ryan's face in the background.  He's ready for an ambush!

 You guys, in the petting zoo, a llama farted at me and a pebble of poop shot right at the Ergo!  It literally FLEW in the air!

If I was a real hipster, I would have also included pictures of my curly fries from the fair or my yummy wings from Buffalo Wild Wings {aka B-Dubs} or my froyo with Lucky Charms {they didn't have Fruity Pebbles} from Froyona.  But, I'm not a hipster, I'm a mom.  So you are getting some more pictures of my precious baby who slept through all the fun at the fair.

Happy Saturday from the Valley of the Sun!


Mom Cooper said...

It was indeed a beautiful (weather wise) and fun day, from beginning to end (the yogurt). Nana and Poppy love hanging out with you guys.

Irma said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day!