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09 November 2011


When Sydney gets older, she's going to be all, Wait, did you only take pictures of me as a baby with your cell phone?  And, then you used an app that made it look like you took them in the 1970s?  And then she's going to ask for a car.

Then I'll remind her that I gave birth to her without an epidural.  Because I can.

I CANNOT get enough of those cheeks!

 Happy Thursday from the Valley of the Sun!
And a Magnagram!


Mom Cooper said...

I thought Olivia looked a lot like you did when you were a baby Amanda, but I've got to tell you Sydney is your clone! Oh my goodness, she is so YOU! And yes, today I found a dimple in her sweet little cheek when she gave her Nana a big laugh.

Love her to pieces.

Irma said...

Darling photos of Sydney. Can you please send me the last three photos on this blog? I wish she were closer to hold every once in a while. XOXO