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04 November 2011

We Be Illin'

This week has been rough on our household and I wish we could blame it on the crash from our sugar highs, but I'm pretty sure that's not the case.  {Especially since I didn't eat that much candy!}  When I nursed Sydney after trick-or-treating Monday evening, I noticed {that's the nice way of putting it} that it was slightly painful.  During our 4 a.m. feeding, slightly upgraded to excruciating.  Fortunately, I had an appointment with a new OB on Tuesday afternoon and she diagnosed my pain as a case of mastitis.  Now, I have had plugged milk ducts with Olivia, but I don't remember every having all of the accompanying symptoms.  By Tuesday evening, I was laying on the couch, my body aching and feverish, under a mound of blankets.  Sydney didn't sleep well that night {what I now know was the start of her cold} and so I was pretty miserable.

Mom took Olivia on Wednesday and Sydney and I were both able to get some rest.  Good thing because Wednesday night was not fun either.  Not only did Sydney not sleep well, but she kept hacking and coughing and I could just tell she didn't feel well.  Oh, and did I mention that Olivia threw up before bed?  Well, she did.  So, Thursday morning, Mom and I took Sydney and Olivia in to see the pediatrician where she basically diagnosed them both with colds.  Olivia takes after her Mama where she can handle illnesses with just a little crankiness.  Sydney takes after her Daddy and sort of wallows in it.

And, speaking of her Daddy, he called yesterday on his way home from a doctor's appointment to tell me he wasn't feeling well.  So, that makes all four of us sick.

So, on this crisp November day, I am thankful for the NoseFrida Snot Sucker {which totally grosses me out, but works} and having my parents around to help out.  Sydney and I have pretty much been attached the last couple of days with the exception of the time she is being held by my mom.  So, it is nice having some help with her and Olivia.

My brother is in town for the weekend and we are going to buckle up and feel better for tomorrow's trip to the State Fair.  We've been waiting two weeks to go!  Did someone say pony ride?

Happy Friday from the Valley of the Sun!


Mom Cooper said...

I hate that your whole family is not feeling well but my heart just aches that poor baby Sydney is sick. I'm glad we are close enough to help out at times like this. Hope you all get better soon.

Irma said...

Sorry you were all under the weather. Hope everyone is feeling better now. Please send me the soft copy of the last picture of Sydney!