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06 June 2012

If These Phones Could Talk

And Siri doesn't count, because apparently you have to be Samuel L. Jackson or Zooey Deschanel for Siri to really work.  {Trust me, my husband tries enough, I just don't see the point when I can type something in faster than I can get Siri to even turn on.}

Anywho, here are a few cell phone pictures {off of my phone, David's phone and Poppy's phone} and their corresponding stories from the last couple of weeks...

The girl is obsessed with dressing up like a princess.  She has certain requirements for a dress to be a princess one - it has to touch the ground and cover her feet.  She has found my "nightie" drawer {Jill, that's not pronounced naughty} and loves to pull those out and wear those.  This, however, is more blog appropriate and is my swim cover-up.

This is how I spent Mother's Day!  
{After kicking David off of his birthday raft and floating around the pool like a Queen.}

When the house is a mess, I'm driven to drink.  And, I am loving this Summer Shandy.

When she is sweet to her baby sister, it just melts my heart.

We celebrated my mom's birthday with a trip to Oregano's and some FroYo for dessert.  

Let's just say well-checks are not fun.  And, they are especially not fun when you take both girls at once.  Never will I make that mistake again.

Olivia and I are taking a Mommy and Me Precious Pottery class.  I took ceramics and sculpture in high school and was horrible.  Let's just say I haven't gotten any better with time.
But, it sure is more fun having this little buddy working alongside me.

This little nugget has two teeth poking through on top, but is still her normal happy self.
She just learned to clap to Pat-A-Cake {thanks Nana} and even tries to say the Puh-Puh-Kk sounds when she claps.  Love her.

This happens a lot more than he thinks it does. 
I secretly love it.

Sometimes it's really fun being silly with this girl.
Love her too.

Found these pictures from Portland on David's phone.  Cuties.

This one over here is kicking butt and taking names at swim lessons!
Go Olivia!

And, if this isn't just the sweetest picture ever....
Today, Poppy treated us to lunch at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and while I finished my lunch, he held a very sleepy Sydney.  It only took him about 45 seconds of Doo Dee Dooing, Uncle Hank style, before she was sound asleep on him.  So precious.

And, folks, that's about all our phones have to say about that!

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Mom Cooper said...

I don't know where to begin to comment on this blog. It almost covers topics from A to Z. So I will just say that pictures usually tell the story and I LOVE all the pictures so...........