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23 June 2012

That's What's Happenin', Man!

Sydney is sleeping and Mom, Dad and Ryan are having fun with Olivia, so I've taken a few minutes to go through some cell phone pictures.  I honestly need a week of doing nothing else but getting my pictures organized.  I'm behind on my photo albums in a BIG way.  {Like, haven't finished Olivia's 1-2 year book or even started on 2-3.  I haven't touched Sydney's baby book and am about 2/3 of the way done with our Disneyland book. One of these days...}  I'm so grateful for keeping up on this blog.  I just printed out two more books and have loved looking back over all of our adventures.

So, here's the latest...

+  For Father's Day, we took David and my dad to the Arizona Museum of Natural History.  Olivia was so exited to see the dinosaurs.  We were so impressed with the museum.  When we walked through the entrance, I thought it was just going to be a few rooms, but as we started going through it, we couldn't believe how much stuff they had!  There were several floors and SO many things to see.  We will definitely be heading back there again.

Happy Father's Day to two amazing fathers!  We are so lucky to have you in our lives!

She looks just like David here.

And, she looks just like Mom here.

+  Sydney had a fever that started on Friday night and lasted until Monday.  Bless her heart, it was so easy to see when her Tylenol was wearing off.  Olivia is currently rocking that fever.  My poor sweet girls.  I hate seeing them sick.

Burning up with a fever, but freezing cold.  
Still rooting on those hoosiers though! 

+  Olivia and I had a busy week last week with classes.  We are doing our pottery class and then signed up for a two-day art class with our favorite teacher, Miss Kathy.  {And, she is still doing swim class Monday - Thursday evenings!}

Glazing our pinch pot.

+  We are taking Olivia to see Brave tomorrow in the movie theatre.  One of my favorite bloggers did a tutorial on how to do pancake art {specifically for Merida} so when Olivia asked for pancakes this morning, I decided to give it a try.  My first attempt didn't go so well, but I think once I got the hang of it, I did alright.  Of course, Olivia is now asking for a bunch of different ones.  Ha ha - we'll have to see about that.


Olivia said, "Where's her arm?" I'm more concerned with where her other eye is!

She's happy regardless.  

+  We just got back from a little trip to Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon and Sedona so stay tuned for some pictures from that.

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Mom Cooper said...

What a neat experience we had. Hope the two Dad's enjoyed it as well.

Love the Merida pancakes Amanda. You are one talented Momma.

Looking forward to pictures from your mini vaca.