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03 June 2012

Pool Time + Popsicles

You guys, we have got it made in the shade these days.  Actually, made in the sunshine.  Despite the temps hitting the triple digits all week {and probably staying that way through October}, we have been enjoying the sunshine and warm weather from the comforts of our pool.  We are the type of people who like our pool to be nice and warm, so David got us a thermal cover and the temps have been around 88-90 the last few days.  It is perfect.  Mom and Dad have come over to join us a couple times and it is just so nice to float around on a raft with multiple sets of eyes watching over our girls.  Olivia is doing a great job in the pool and started showing off how she can float on her back all by herself.  Sydney loves being in her little floatie - it is perfect with a shade cover and it holds her little toys and drinks.  Love it!

I know it sounds insane to be outside in 110 degree weather, but when you are in the pool, it is so comfortable.  I may be complaining this week when we start venturing out for our classes, but when we only have to take eight steps to get in our's the life.

Nothing like rehydrating with a fruit popsicle!

Awww, Hi Magnum!


Poppy said...

Awesome blog on our swimming exploits this past week. The pool indeed is wonderful and I am continually amazed at Olivia and her water skills. Plus, Lil Syd is gonna be a real water baby as well.


Irma said...

Do you have 75 SPF!?! Your going to need it if you are going to live in the pool all summer, which is where I would be! Girls looks like the are loving the pool!

Mom Cooper said...

Awesome pictures of pool time. Yes, even Nana enjoyed a day in the pool. Both girls are growing and changing right before my eyes. Summer fun here we come!

Cathy said...

Pool time + popsicles = FUN TIME! I wouldn’t mind even if it’s 100 degrees outside either. It’s so nice to swim in a pool with warm water. There’s something very therapeutic about it. =D

Cathy Newman