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18 October 2012

A is for Crocodile

Yesterday, Olivia turned 3 1/2 exactly!  Happy Half Birthday, Sweet Girl!  So, that means, as of today, we round up to FOUR.  #butnotreally  She's such a big girl these days.  Dress up is her favorite thing to do and she changes into no fewer than five outfits a day.  She's great at playing make-believe and retelling stories -- her imagination is out of this world.  And, it's one of my most favorite things about her.

She went back to preschool today after a 2 1/2 week fall break.  It wasn't easy on her going back.  It all started at home when I tried to tuck her braids under instead of just letting them hang down like she wanted.  It pretty much went downhill from there and ended with three adults trying to pry her off of my leg.  Two minutes later she was perfectly fine.  When I went to pick her up, she barely wanted to tell me anything she did at school.  This is pretty typical of her.  If I'm lucky, she will share one thing with me.  The teenage years are gonna be fun.

Anyway, today they worked on the letter A.  When I went in, Mrs. Susan told me that A was for Alligator and the alligator says Aaaaahh just like the letter A.  When we got home, I asked Olivia what words started with the letter A.  Her reply?  A is for Crocodile!  Ha ha.  I love that girl.

I took these pictures at Meridian Vineyards...where we were married....right before we made this Honeymoon Baby.   

Happy Half Birthday!


Poppy said...

Happy Half Birthday to my #1 grand daughter. You are the best ever followed closely by your Lil Sis Sydney.

Love you tothe moon and back!


Mom Cooper said...

My dear Olivia, you continue to amaze your Nana. Having a conversation with you is like having a conversation with an adult. Your "smartness" is beyond any 3 1/2 year old I have ever been around.

Nana loves spending time with you and especially your overnight visits.

Love you so very much.