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14 October 2012

Have You Missed Me?!

Well, after two full weeks traveling on our California Adventure, we are finally home.  And, man oh man, are we glad to be back.  Our house feels humongous and the back of our car looks ginormous now that it isn't filled with 4 suitcases, a duffel bag, a double stroller, a pack n play, 2 picnic baskets of snacks, a giant basket of toys and other miscellaneous stuff.

I spent a good portion of today uploading pictures onto my computer, but before I can blog about our trip, I need to fill you guys in on a few things that happened before we left and while we were away.

1 - Olivia had her first field trip.  David took her because it was right after Sydney had her surgery and I wanted to be home with her.  They went to the natural history museum and she looked adorable in her little field trip shirt.

2 - Olivia started playing soccer.  Well, at least she did it for two days.  Here's what she looked like before she left for her first practice.  

Nice kick!

3 - Magnum turned 12 on the 11th.  We were sad to miss his special day, but we know Nana and Poppy took great care of him and showered him with extra treats.  Happy Belated Birthday, Buddy.

4 - Even though I've been absent from the blog during our little vacation, she turned FOUR while we were gone.  If you've been with me from the beginning or are just joining, thanks for playing along.  It means so much to me knowing that you are interested in our sweet little family. 

I hope to get back on a normal blogging schedule soon.

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