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18 October 2012

Our California Adventure, Part 2 {The Beginning of Disneyland}

I'm currently sorting through the 400 pictures my brother took, mostly at Disneyland and California Adventure.  I'm so grateful to him for taking so many pictures because I only pulled out my big camera once while we were there.  It was enough for me to juggle the girls and the double stroller and all of our snacks AND be the resident Disneyland expert.  {Well, David helped with all of those things as well...}  I did manage to take a bunch of pictures on my cell phone, so while I pick my favorites from my brother's camera, I'll share those with you.

You have to know that I love Disneyland.  Despite the 90+ degree weather we experienced and the fact that it was more crowded than I anticipated {but, nowhere near as crowded as it would have been during the summer}, there is just something so magical about Disneyland that it's almost impossible to not have an amazing time.

Even though we only spent one day at Disneyland, we were able to squeeze in a lot more thanks to the extra people we took with us and having a bit of a game plan beforehand.  We arrived as close to opening time as we could manage and spent the first hour or so in Fantasyland riding the Peter Pan ride and Dumbo.  From there, we headed over to meet Merida.  Olivia had NO idea that Merida would be there.  And, it wasn't until we were second in line before she saw who she was about to meet.  That was definitely the highlight of my day!

It's A Small World is always a hit, but our adventure in ToonTown was sort of a bust.  Minnie wasn't outside of her house and I didn't really feel like waiting to see Mickey (especially dressed in the Sorcerer's outfit), so while Dad and Ryan rode the Roger Rabbit ride, David and Olivia went on their favorite Gadget Rollercoaster.

I wanted to make sure that my brother and David were also able to ride some rides so we headed into Tomorrowland for them to ride Space Mountain and do the Star Tours ride after we did the Buzz Lightyear ride.  My dad was even brave enough to do Space Mountain, but I think that ride did him in. While the guys were getting thrown around, the ladies took a little break.  Olivia really wanted to ride the Finding Nemo submarine ride, but the line was entirely too long, so we chose to do Autopia instead.  We also ventured into the Innoventions area and {even though my brother left my mom and she was.not.happy about it} we loved the interactive Peter Pan story in the boys room.

The afternoon was filled with the Tiki Room, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, the carousel and a less than enchanting meet & greet with Rapunzel.  {I'm not sure if she was having an off day or what, but every other princess we have met at Disneyland has acted as if everything that comes out of Olivia's mouth is the most magnificent thing they have ever heard. I mean, isn't it?  Anyway, she sat with a very smug look on her face and her arms crossed the entire time.  She honestly seemed more interested in flirting with Flynn Ryder than interacting with Olivia who had waited over 30 minutes in line to see her. At least she smiled for the camera.}

By the time the parade rolled around, we were really ready to take a seat.  The parade is one of our favorite parts of Disneyland and it is pretty obvious why.

Seriously, with that kind of smile and excitement, I would take her to Disneyland every single day if I could!

A special thanks to my mom, dad and brother for helping out with the girls and joining us for the fun.  Can't wait to do it again!

{Stay tuned for more Disneyland pictures as well as some California Adventure pictures as well.}

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Mom Cooper said...

I'm so glad we had the opportunity to see it this time through the eyes of our grandchildren. I loved it and I know they did too.