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27 October 2012

That's What's Happenin', Man!

Even though I am not even close to being done blogging about our California Adventure, life doesn't stop happening around here.  So, here's a quick recap of what we've been up to around here.

+ Lots of Halloween crafts!  Including one with stickers that Olivia is doing right now.  The Haunted House literally took all afternoon...between prep time, creating and clean up...but it was worth it.  {Please note, the tree lasted until that night.  Now a bunch of pumpkins sit in its place. But, really, who eats those pumpkins anyway?!}

+  Peyton was visiting us for a little bit while my brother went on a few work trips.  I'm trying to be more on the ball this year, so I got started on the yearly Peyton calendar with a few costume pictures.  Poor guy hated every single second of it!  

These two....

+  Liv had her first on-site field trip with a visit from the local fire station.  Olivia loved getting locked up in the back of the police car and sitting up in front of the fire truck.  She learned about Stop, Drop and Roll, but got a little scared when one of the firefighters put on her gear.  In the middle of the presentation she yelled out, "Don't put on the helmet!!"  

Please say this is the last time she gets in the back of a police car.
But, remember this time?

+  With the weather finally steadying into the 80s {please don't jinx it}, we are spending more and more of our time outside.  We headed off to the zoo on Friday with Mom and had a great time.  I even got on the back of a camel and went for a ride.  Let's just say it was the most uncomfortable $8 and 30 seconds of my life.

Baby zebra!!!!

We bought the unlimited ride pass and she rode different animals 5x in a row.  
It should be known that these rides make me sick.

+  This weekend we have plans to visit not one, but two pumpkin patches.  Stay tuned for lots more pictures!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

I so enjoyed the day with you all at the zoo. I don't see how Olivia does the carousel so many times because the ONE time I rode with her I thought I was going to be sick.

Looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch with you all.