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24 January 2014

Just Another California Adventure Trip {Round 2}

Did I mention in my last post that our hotel was only about a half a mile away from the entrance to the parks?  Well, it was, and it was awesome.  It was so nice not having to park, and then load everything into the stroller, and then onto the tram, and then unload again for security.....and then basically do it in reverse on the way out.  So.Much.Easier just walking down the street and only unloading once for the security check.  Oh, and our hotel room was actually a suite, so the girls had their own room towards the back and they loved making a mess in it playing house in it.

➹ The parks didn't open until 10 {11 our time} and even though we planned on getting there 30-45 minutes early, the 7 am wake up call from the girls was just a bit early! ➹

➹ Sarah and I headed straight to {my favorite} Toy Story Mania ride while David waited in line with our passes to get Fast Passes for the highly coveted Radiator Springs.➹

➹ Seven minutes after the park officially opened, all of us {David included} were on the Toy Story ride.  We ended up riding it twice so Sarah could go ride California Screamin' by herself. ➹

➹ We then sent David over to ride California Screamin' by himself while we took the girls on the King Triton Carousel. ➹

➹ By the time we were finished with the carousel and got the girls seated for a photo op, David was off the ride and ready to move on to the next ride. ➹

➹ Jumpin' Jellyfish!  First time for Olivia!  Followed by a couple Little Mermaid rides....and then it was time for Cars Land! ➹

➹ The little girls weren't big enough to ride the Radiator Springs ride, so David and I took Kendall and Olivia while Sarah watched Sydney and Kate.  We only had about a 5 minute wait with the fast passes!  And, it was most definitely worth it! Olivia and I got to ride it twice because David switched places with Sarah and watched the little ones for round 2. ➹

➹ I think I took this one on Luigi's Tires. ➹

➹ After Cars Land, we went through the Bugs Life area and actually watched the "It's Tough to Be a Bug" 3-D movie.  It was cute and was a nice break from the warm sun outside. ➹

We also went on the Monsters Inc ride and watched the Muppets 3-D movie.  I have never been a huge fan of the Muppets, so it didn't do much for me, but I was glad that we were able to do something that we'd never done before.  We were also trying to do something to kill some time because we knew Sofia the First was going to be out posing for pictures and we had never met her before!

➹ Sydney LOVES Sofia, but she wasn't buying this version of her! ➹

We swapped out the kids once again so we could take the big girls on the Soarin' Over California ride.  Olivia rode it twice -- once with David and me and once with Sarah and Kendall.  She LOVED it.  I think it is one of her favorite rides there now.   After finishing that and seeing a few more characters, it was only around 4:30 and the parks were still open for a few more hours.  So, we decided to walk back over to Disneyland because why not. 

➹ On our way out of California Adventure. ➹

➹ Sydney fell asleep in the stroller on the way over, so we let her rest while we took the other girls to meet some princesses. ➹

We may have ridden another ride or two with Sarah & the girls before we had to say goodbye to them.  We stayed a little while longer and rode It's a Small World one more glad we did it again at night when it was lit up.  And, I got a picture of Olivia in her Minnie skirt with Minnie Mouse on our way out!

We had SO MUCH fun with some of our favorite people.  If I haven't said it before, let me say it now.  I just feel so lucky that we are able to have these experiences with our girls!


Mom Cooper said...

Oh my gosh, I love these pictures. Love the way all the girls love each other too. Such a fun place with such good friends. I know the girls will look back years from now at these pictures and relive it all over again.

Poppy said...

I love this set of pics Sis. The love these girls show each other is priceless.

Love Love love my girls.