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04 January 2014

Ringing In the New Year With Snow + Friends

We most certainly did not get enough of snow and Flagstaff on our trip up there for the Polar Express train, so when it worked out that we could go up and stay with some friends at their cabin over New Year's Eve, we started dreaming of a white New Year.  Despite the warmer temps, we still managed to find some snow and had a blast ringing in 2014 {even though we were all asleep come midnight on the 31st}.

This trip, we were in charge of the food, so it took us a little longer than usual to pack things up, but we finally headed out around 1 and got up there just in time to enjoy the last little bit of daylight outside swinging and playing in the tree house.  It sure is beautiful up there.

➹ Liv's idea of getting Sydney to look at the camera. ➹

The original plan was for the adults to go skiing/snowboarding at Snow Bowl while I watched the four kiddos at the cabin, but they all decided that morning that it would be much more fun to have everyone go sledding together.  And, I have to agree, it was lots more fun!

Aside from the first night of awful sleep thanks to Sydney, the trip was so much fun.  The kids were well behaved for the most part {Sydney is a little of a bully sometimes...} and I'm hoping we get invited back up again before the snow disappears!

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Poppy said...

It is really awesome that you can go just an hour or so away to the mountains and have such fun. i sure wish I had a great cabin like that. I love every picture of the girls here.