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03 January 2014

The Year of Ornaments

Before I can move on to the activities of 2014 {yes, we are three days in and we've already done lots}, I need to close out 2013 with a little description of the girls' ornaments from this year.  Christmas was only a little over a week ago and yet, aside from the toys/gifts the girls received, you would see no signs of it around here.  Well, except for the fact that the tubs of Christmas stuff are still sitting in our entry way waiting for David to put them away.  So, I guess there are still signs of Christmas.

Anyway, as I've mentioned before, each year we get the girls a special Christmas ornament to somehow signify something special that has happened over the year or holiday season.  I also order picture ornaments of them so that they have one for each year.  {You can see the two previous years ornaments here and here.}

Well, this year, we went a little overboard with the ornaments.  Nana got the girls two ornaments and we ended up getting the girls two ornaments {one that they picked out} and Santa even brought them an ornament.  But, I just love the thought of them having ornaments from their childhood filling up their Christmas trees when they are older.  I have so many ornaments from my childhood and I look forward to putting them up on our tree year after year.

So, here are this years ornaments....I know you guys are waiting with bated breath to see them! 

➹ My mom got these two for Olivia.  Most everything she did for Olivia was Santa related, while Sydney got the Snowman theme. ➹

➹ Sydney's....obviously. ➹

➹ I knew I wanted to get the girls something from the Polar Express trip, and I thought this bell was a perfect gift for both of them.  I think I'd like to get their names and the year engraved on the back on of these days. ➹

➹ When we were in the gift shop of the train depot, I let Olivia pick out an ornament that she wanted.  She was being indecisive and at the last minute, she saw this and knew it was the one.  I picked out one for Sydney that was right next to it {picture below} and we hurriedly checked out.  I woke up at 3am that night and realized the ornaments she picked out weren't actually ornaments, but keychains instead.  I did my best to turn them into ornaments. ➹

➹ If you have read the Polar Express story, the bell and this keychain/ornament will make sense. ➹

➹ Their picture ornaments this year are from the photo shoot Marissa did.  Love them so much! ➹

➹ Santa brought these little owl ornaments.  They were made by the lady who makes the twirly skirts I love so much. ➹

➹ Olivia made this ornament for David and me in her class.  My mom actually was the helper that day.  She was so proud of her gift.  Love that sweet girl. ➹

➹ I spent a few hours one evening getting everything in their little tubs organized.  I found some sparkly photo albums at Target and printed off the pictures in wallet size and wrote the description on the little 4x6 forms.  I kept all of our Christmas cards from friends/family again - 3rd year in a row - and I added this years' Christmas card to their stack of cards from years past.  I also put their Santa pictures and letters to Santa in there as well.  That's about the only thing in our house that is organized right now! ➹


Poppy said...

The girls will cherish these ornaments all their lives. I love the pics too Sis.

Love those girls,


Mom Cooper said...

I love all of the girls ornaments for this year. I am so glad you are doing that for them. They are blessed to have such a "traditional-minded" momma!!
I know it is time consuming to do all that you do with the ornaments but trust me when I say they will appreciate ALL that you did to preserve the memory of each one.