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01 May 2014

A Pirate / Fairy Party

Move over Frozen, there's a new Pirate Fairy {movie} in town! 

Last summer, when we were in SLO, Olivia became obsessed with the Tinker Bell movies.  I can't hear a song from those movies without thinking back to our fun summer on the central coast.  But, then, Frozen came along and that soundtrack sort of took over our lives.  Until, April, when the new Pirate Fairy movie came out and Tinker Bell was back in her good graces!  

So, when it came time to plan her party, she was pretty clear that it would be a Pirate Fairy party.  Since she was inviting the neighborhood kids to her party {girls and boys of varying ages}, I figured it might be smart to have a theme that would work for all of the kids.  So, we ended up with a Pirate & Fairy theme.

Overall, the party was a success.  We had a little craft activity {painting fairy houses and pirate masks}, a few games, and a piñata filled with treat bags.  My mom put together an awesome spread with a fruit tray and a veggie tray, and we picked up some Hot & Ready pizzas.  I made vanilla cupcakes along with my specialty Oreo cookie cupcakes.   The kids seemed to have fun, and we were all exhausted by the end of it, so I think that means it was a good time!

And, you know the drill -- now it's time for pictures!

➹ That sign says "Pirate Grub" - the printables I used were so cute. You can find them here.  ➹

➹ Cupcakes for daysssss... ➹

➹ If anyone needs to know how to get acrylic paint out of clothes, I'm an expert now!  Lots of rubbing alcohol! ➹

➹ We played "Pin the Treasure on the Pirate Map" and it was hilarious. ➹

➹ The crew -- ages ranged from 2 to 15! ➹

➹ The birthday girl getting sung to. ➹

➹ The piñata that did not want to break!  Everyone had at least one turn! ➹

➹ We stuffed the piñata with these goodie bags so the kids weren't scrambling for goodies and everyone would have the same treats! ➹

➹ The girls got fairy tattoos, fairy rings & bracelets, beads, fairy bubbles, Starbursts, a Ring Pop, gold coins, and a pink pirate eye patch!  The boys got pirate tattoos, beads, pirate bubbles, a pirate figurine, Starbursts, a Ring Pop, gold coins, and a black pirate eye patch! ➹

➹ My sweet birthday fairy in her homemade crown!  Please, someone remind me next year, to get a picture with the birthday girl!  Oh, and to have the party somewhere else! ;) ➹

Special thanks to my parents who were amazing in helping me set up -- my mom twisted streamers until her fingers couldn't twist anymore, and my dad mopped our floor and cleaned up our backyard.  And, a special thanks to David for being a fun entertainer for the kids!  

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Mom Cooper said...

It was so much fun working on the party (maybe it was because you did most of the work and all of the planning). I know everyone had a great time. The food was good and the decorations were the best. I can't believe we didn't get a Nana/mother/daughter picture tho.

Amanda you did an awesome job!