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28 January 2015

Partying it Up With the Old Folks

This year, my dad is the President of the Men's Golf League at Sunbird.  Supposedly, one of his duties was to dress as Santa Claus for their Christmas party in the ballroom.  Well, apparently, he was also supposed to ask my mom to be Mrs. Claus before signing them both up for this lovely task.  She wasn't all that excited about playing the part, and when her foot started flaring up and the doctor instructed her to stay off her feet, well that was the perfect reason to bow out.  So, guess who got roped into being Mrs. Claus in training?!  Yep, you guessed it.  ME.  The night before the party, I had my parents ask if it would be okay if we could have the girls come and help out as my little elves.  My mom asked where I was going to come up with an elf costume for them at such late notice, but oh ye of little faith, Target to the rescue!  

I found two elf pajamas for the girls and even an elf costume for David (who was all too eager to dress in tight pants) and had them purchased the next morning!  They looked absolutely adorable and were the HIT of the party!

Ryan said I looked like Lily Tomlin here!

Liv waved like she was in a pageant the entire time!

We've already been asked to come back and do it again next year!

One of our favorite holiday activities in Arizona is attending the Golf Cart parade at my parents community.  The participants decorate their carts with lights and ornaments and bows and then ride around the golf course while the people in the neighborhood look on.  We have done this for the last three years and were lucky enough to get a cart again this year (with a plastic covering around it to keep us warm) so we weren't all squeezed in one cart.

The girls love it, and some of the participants REALLY go all out in decorating their carts.  Of course, the cookies, cupcakes, and hot chocolate at the end are also a big hit!

This is what happens when you hand someone your fancy camera.  But, hey, look at that amazing gingerbread house that went COMPLETELY over the golf cart! 

Can't wait to see how they top this one next year!



Poppy said...

Well, I have to rank this blog right up there at the top of all blogs from you Sis! Amazing pics and and write up. This was one of my favorite family activities of all times. My lovely wife was missing due to the foot issue but maybe she will be back next year although you (SIs) will be hard to replace.

And yes, the girls were awesome, so many folks here have stated that to me. They all just loved that the Lil Elves were here.

Love you all, Poppy

Mom Cooper said...

Pictures and description are awesome Amanda. You all were such a hit that I would not break up the group by being Mrs, Claus if we are asked to do that gig next year!!

It was a fun time.