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25 January 2015

Oh Hey There, 2015

Oh yikes....that was some 6 week hiatus I took, huh?!

I am {obviously} super behind on blogging.  But, I'm working on it - I promise!  So, we're going to kick off a series of posts that are in the docket with a good ol' miscellaneous post.  I know you love those!

➸ ➸ Let's start off with a couple of cute pictures of my girls.  Oh man, they are too much.  

➸➸ The girls gave out advent calendars to their classmates again this year.  I just love this tradition we've started.  Their classmates were all so excited to get them - especially when they realized they had chocolate inside! 

➸➸ I took Sydney to school one morning and saw a fun craft up on her wall and knew I had to do them at home!  We had Riley over that afternoon and made three versions of little elves.  They turned out so cute!

➸➸ It was Christmastime, so obviously we spent a lot of time at Target! 🎯

➸➸ My mom sent the girls a box of Cheryl's sugar cookies and tubs of Cheryl's frosting so we could decorate our own cookies.  We invited the neighbor girls over and after they decorated 2 cookies each, I realized that I was going to want to eat some of the cookies too, so I let them go off and play instead! 

➸➸ And, let's end this randomness with two cute pictures of Sydney, shall we?  Sydney holding a baby and Sydney with a fresh haircut?  Don't mind if I do!

We made it!  It's a Christmas Miracle!!!
Stay tuned for some more Christmas pictures! 

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Mom Cooper said...

Glad you got around to blogging again. You and the girls were missed. Cute pictures, but that all seems so long ago. HAHA