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29 January 2015

Santa Collages

I had David scan all of our Santa pictures so I could have a digital copy of them, and so I spent some time tonight making them into {a gazillion} collages.  I couldn't decide if I liked the long version or the square version better, so guess what?!  You get to see both versions!  We started going to Bass Pro in 2011, so I guess this was our 4th year out there!  Wow.

Bless her heart, Sydney had a rough couple of years there.  Even Olivia wasn't so sure the first year.  Sadly, we didn't get any pictures of the two of them together that first year.

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Mom Cooper said...

What a neat idea. So sad that sweet Syd was so frightened to sit on dear Santa's lap for a couple of years. NOTHING frightens her now it seems. This shows how each of the girls have grown over the years. Cool!