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29 January 2015

That Bass Pro Santa

For the last three years, we have gone to Bass Pro Shops to get our free picture with Santa.  I say free picture, but really, by the time we are out of there, it's anything but free.  And, actually, this year we didn't make any purchases {not that we are big Bass Pro shoppers anyway}, but we do always have a nice meal {mmmmm, their fish n chips are so good} after the kids get their pictures.

We thought we were being smart this year by getting out there early, but if you know us, we don't do anything early.  Before we even left for the short trek to the shop, I had to get some pictures of the girls with Peyton for my brother's Christmas calendar.  So, by the time we got out there, the wait to see Santa was already an hour and a half.  With my mom and her foot situation, she knew she wouldn't be able to do much walking, so she sat right by the start of the line so when it was our time slot to line up, we would be first.  She was great, and if it wasn't for Santa needing a 20 minute break, the wait wouldn't have been too bad.  It did give us some time to do some of the activities, which is always fun.

The main attraction.......

The official pictures {gotta love that Bass Pro logo}:

And, posing on a fake Chevy truck:

➹ If this picture doesn't perfectly sum up the difference between our two girls, I don't know what does! ➹

See ya next year {errrr, this year} Bass Pro Santa!


Poppy said...

Another awesome blog and is becoming a tradition for us at Christmas time. The pics are awesome as always. And the fish and chips are to die for, plus the sweet bread. Yum Yum Yum!

Love you girls,


Mom Cooper said...

Brings back great memories of Christmas. I'm glad you and David are making lots of traditions for your family. AND I am thankful you guys want to include Nana and Poppy.