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05 September 2015

That's a Wrap on August

Only two more months of intense heat in Arizona!! Whooohooooo!!  My dad will disagree, but I know that it was the beginning of November last year when we could be outside all day and not break out into a sweat.  Thank goodness for our pool and air conditioning!

Here's a few other things we've been up to this past month:

➸➸  These girls have no idea how good they've got it.  I pick them up from school, right outside their room, and then pedal them home while they sit back and eat a popsicle or frozen yogurt tube!  I'm dripping in sweat by the time I get home, and Liv had the nerve to tell me she was too hot to open the garage door for me the other day!  Ha!  (It may be short, but it is definitely a workout pulling 75+ pounds in 100+ degrees!)

➸➸  Liv is turning in to quite the fashion model these days!  Not really, but I did have a couple little poses from her to post here.  :)  She's a pretty lucky girl to have friends whose mamas sell adorable kids clothes!

➸➸  Sydney celebrated her birthday at school with sprinkled donuts for her class!  The kiddos were SO EXCITED to eat their donuts!  I loved seeing her showered with love and attention at school!

➸➸  The night before her birthday, Sydney and Olivia got matching pajamas and slippers for themselves AND their dolls.  Oh to be a little girl in our house!  They all looked so cute in their outfits.

➸➸  On Sydney's birthday, she chose to go have lunch with her sister at school!  What a sweet girl who just adores her big sister and her big sister's friends!

➸➸  Olivia had two early release days for Parent/Teacher conferences -- holy wow is she knocking first grade OUT OF THE BALLPARK!  Love my little learner so much.  She was so excited to be able to pick up her sister from school and visit her old preschool.  She got to go in to her old Pre-K room and give her teacher a big hug.  I couldn't resist posing my girls together in front of the stone column that has been the back drop to SO MANY of their preschool pictures.  

➸➸  Olivia was chosen as the Hull Hero (Student of the Week) this past week.  We spent last weekend working on coloring her poster.  She did such a great job making it super colorful!  She took in her Ellie the Elephant and her favorite book (of the moment) which is Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly.  It was a book she had checked out from the library when she was 2 and memorized the big words like metamorphosis and migration.  She wore red, white, and blue (school colors) all week and on Friday she took in sugar cookies with red, white, and blue sprinkles on the icing!  In case you didn't know -- Mama Loves a Theme!

➹ Her three cool facts were that she is good at legos, she can do a helicopter, a b-kick, and a cartwheel, and that she has been to Disneyland 8 times!  ➹

➹ After school on Monday, we took her to Bahama Bucks and gave her a small lego kit. She's living the dream! ;)  ➹

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Mom Cooper said...

Both girls make this Nana a very proud Grandmama. They each are so special, I love how they are so alike and yet so different. Cute, cute pictures of two adorable granddaughters.