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27 September 2015

Grandparents' Day

Shortly after we came home from the Gorge, and the same day we had another Dave Matthews Band concert, we celebrated the greatest Nana and Poppy our girls could have with a lovely brunch at Cracker Barrel!  

These girls really are the luckiest!  As are David and I -- they are such a huge help to us almost on a daily basis watching, shuttling, or just loving on our girls!  Thanks so much for all you do!  We love you!

Also - Sydney had a little Grandparents' Day celebration at her preschool.  She sang her little heart out and was so excited to have her Nana and Poppy there!


Poppy said...

We are so lucky since we moved half way across the country after retiring that you kids are now close. We enjoy the girls and you all so much. So blessed that you all are here.

Love you all to the moon and back,


Poppy said...

BTW.......Best Grandparent Day ever!