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29 September 2015

While You Were Dave Matthewsing...

As I mentioned before, my parents so graciously offered {more like got roped in} to watch our girls while we Gorged on some Dave Matthews over Labor Day weekend.  Fortunately, my brother was also in town for part of the weekend, and got a real dose of why he doesn't have kids.  I mean, had a great time with his two favorite nieces! ;) 

In case you can't tell, these girls got spoiled ROTTEN by just about everybody.  And, now they are asking when we are going away again!  So, great job, guys!  

1 comment:

Poppy said...

We had a fun five days with the girls. Yes, some times were trying but we've been through this with you kids growing up. They love being with us which makes it special.

Love you girls to the moon and back,