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26 September 2015

Gorgeous For the Gorge in 2015

Apparently I have a hard time saying no to Brad.  {I clearly have a hard time blogging too.}  After two wonderful Labor Day weekends at the Gorge seeing Dave Matthews and his Band, David and I decided that this year we would take a Gorge break.  But, poor, poor Brad's mom, her name is Arlene too, did you know that?  I feel so bad for her, really I do.  Because she was clearly never able to tell Brad NO without him throwing a fit.  Because that's exactly what he did when we told him no.  No Gorge this year.  He bugged, he pestered, he downright HARASSED, and then he did exactly what David would want him to do.  He put together a business proposal.  And, it worked.  He pretty much made it impossible to say no to him.  It was almost like we couldn't afford not to go.  So, we did.  And, it was gorgeous as always.

We found out that Michael and his girlfriend were going to be there on Sunday, so we were able to meet up with them for a little bit before the show.  Still so strange seeing this boy so grown up!

I said over and over that we aren't going next year, but somehow the guys were researching RVs to rent for next year.  My poor parents.... I think one Arlene needs to have a convo with the other Arlene! ;)

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Poppy said...

Nice blog on the Gorge. Love all the pics. Especially, with all the friends and Michael & Libby.

Love you girls to the moon and back,