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20 October 2008

Don't Believe Everything You Read

Two weeks ago at our ultrasound appointment, the doctor said that there was a chance that he might be able to tell us the sex of our baby. We hadn't really been thinking that it was going to be a possibility at that appointment and had been preparing ourselves for the long wait for my 18th week of pregnancy. Well, his saying that really got my hopes up, and unfortunately he wasn't able to tell. We were on such a high from seeing the baby on the ultrasound that it didn't really matter to us then. But I am just itching to know if we are having a boy or girl.

And, when I itch for something, I really itch for it. I have been bugging David DAILY asking him what he thinks we are having. And, I've been stalking the internet looking for ways to determine the baby's gender without the ultrasound. First I rechecked the Chinese lunar calendar. This calendar required me to calculate my Chinese age at the time of conception and line it up with the Chinese lunar month of conception. It says that I am having a girl. Then, I found this calendar, and it says I'm having a boy. So, no real answer.

I know there is some really crazy stuff out there, but I have been willing to try just about anything. I've got the itch.

I even stooped so low as to do the Drano test. Never heard of the Drano test? Well, let me tell you about it. The Drano test involves a teaspoon of liquid Drano and a sample of your (in this case my) urine. One website I read said that if the Drano turns green, you are having a girl and if it turns blue you are having a boy. Well, my mixture turned brown. Another website said that brown meant boy while another one said that it meant girl. Hmmm. No answer there. (Don't worry, I wore a mask while I did the mixing.)

I also enlisted David to help with the ring test. We put my wedding band on some yarn and Dave held it over my swollen belly. At first it went back and forth and then Dave had it go in a circle. Again, I've read several websites with conflicting theories. Some say the swaying back and forth means you are having a boy and the circle means you are having a girl. Others have it as the opposite. Again, no real answer there.

I took a vote on the blog to see what you all thought we were having. Of the 19 people who voted on our poll, 13 people (68%) think we are having a girl and 6 people (32%) think we are having a boy.

Finally, I found this quiz online that had all sorts of questions on it and I pretty much figured that this was where I was going to get my answer. It only took me about 3 minutes to answer the questions and my results came back instantaneously. When the new screen popped up, it said I have a 65% chance of having a girl and a 35% chance of having a boy.

Here are some of the strong indicators that I am having a girl:
The hair on my legs is not growing any faster during my pregnancy.
My feet are not colder than they were before my pregnancy.
I refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread. (Clearly, I've been pregnant with a girl since I was 5)
David hasn't been gaining weight too.
My favorite -- I am not looking particularly good during pregnancy.
A needle on a thread moves side-to-side.
I am craving sweets. (Again, I've been pregnant with a girl since I was 5)
My nose hasn't changed during pregnancy.
I've been craving fruits. (They are sweet, aren't they?)
My baby's heart rate is more than 140 beats per minute.
I would pick up a mug by its body and not the handle.

Indicators that I am having a boy:
I didn't have morning sickness.
The sum of my age at conception and the number of the month of conception is even. (Uh oh, is that Chinese age and Chinese month?)
I have no desire for orange juice.
I have had headaches.
If someone were to ask me to show my hands, I would show them the back of my hand.

Those are some really logical conclusions, I know. Turns out, we are just going to have to be patient and wait until our next ultrasound to know for sure. (Ha. I say "for sure" but Lauren just told me about a coworker whose daughter was told they were having a girl and when it was born, they realized they were wrong! It had a little wiener.)


Lauren said...

I love the "little wiener" comment!!! Could you even imagine thinking it was the opposite gender through almost 10 months of pregnancy and then holding the other!!! Hahaha. Love this blog!

Anonymous said...

I sure know where you get the "I want to know now syndrome". You get it from your momma!!! I am so like that. How did I ever wait to find out what I was having when Ryan and you were born??? When you find out and if peanut is a boy I will start buying boy things BUT if peanut is a girl I will buy girl things but will keep the tags on just in case peanut is playing "hide and seek". You know I will be thrilled with either a girl or boy. My prayer is and has always been for a healthy baby, and when he/she is born I will give God the praise for the miracle of life. xxooMom C.

Jillian said...

Hey Amanda's Mom, Can I just say I love you for your internet praising of God? I am not yet as brave.

Amanda, I know of SEVERAL people who were told they were having one thing and it turned out to be the opposite gender. Oops! Little Billy had to go home in a pink bonnet and layette.

Just tell yourself you're having a hamster and when it comes out a baby you'll be really happy no matter what gender it is.