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14 October 2008

He's Gonna Be a Good Dad...

I definitely had other plans for blogging tonight, but after this evening's events, those were quickly scrapped.

Dave and I got home from the gym this afternoon and Dave pulled out his new model airplane that he's just been itching to try out. I took some nice pictures of him posing by the plane and he was out in the street ready to get it started for take-off. The plane used the street as its runway and it was just incredible to watch it take flight. For the next 3-5 seconds, Dave had that plane flying over our house, across the street, and towards our neighbors' house where it promptly crashed into their roof! Our neighbors weren't home, so Dave tried his first attempt at getting it off their roof by using our barstool as a ladder. The barstool kept sinking in the mulch everytime Dave climbed on it...oh, and it was also about 8 feet too short.

Fortunately, Leslie arrived home only about 20 minutes later, because I know that Dave was plotting all sorts of ways to get on that roof. We borrowed their ladder and Dave climbed up and got the plane and the canopy that had split off and was on the back roof.

Never one to quit when the going gets tough, he put the plane back together and we ventured off towards the gazebo area in our neighborhood where there is more open space. Dave got the plane up in the air and it immediately hit the first eucalyptus tree it could find. He quickly retrieved it, started it up again, and before even taking off, it ran into the gazebo. Well, Dave must have figured that the third (er...fourth) time was a charm because he tried it again. And, this time, it worked! He got that plane flying. He circled it round and round and made it fly high and low. And, for about 10 seconds, it didn't hit anything. And, I suppose for that, he paid a price. That plane flew right into the biggest eucalyptus tree in our neighborhood! And, it didn't come down. Believe it or not, it even stayed up there while Dave threw rocks at the tree.

Oh, you think that that's the end of the story? You must not know David. Because there is NO WAY that he could leave that precious plane 50 feet up in the air without doing everything he could to get it down. So, we went home and got his trusty bb gun and when we went back, he shot at that plane four times and hit it at least three. But that plane wouldn't budge! So, we are hoping for a good strong wind tonight to blow it down.

Now, I wish that this was the only childlike thing that Dave has done, but it's SOOO not. In fact, just yesterday as he was waiting on me to get ready for the gym, he decided bouncing a new bouncy ball he got in our bathroom was a good way to pass the time. And, within thirty seconds of bouncing the ball, he had broken one of our new apothecary jars that was filled with bath salts.

Dave's response to all this? "Well, at least you know I'm gonna be a good Dad!"


Marissa said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! That's the funniest story! I can totally see all that playing out in my head and I'm sitting here chuckling to myself. Mister just shushed me b/c I'm apparently interrupting the best part of Sesame Street. :) Dave will be a great dad!

Lauren said...

Okay okay, I just dragged my sick-with-strep-throat, 101-degree fever out of bed to check your blog since I am one of the "she's" that have pressured you into this.

And my comment for this post it this: Sometimes, I can't believe that Dave and Kiel aren't connected by a crazy, boy-stuff-loving, eternally-12-years-old gene somewhere! Kiel's obsession with planes and toys and gadgets is right up there with Dave...and most 4 year old boys I know.

And I agree with Dave and Marissa that he will be a great dad. Every time I see Kiel almost run us off the road when I plane flies overhead, or watch him bounce with excitement when a football or basketball gets placed in his hands, I think of how lucky I am to have someone that will bring that sense of wonder and excitement someday to our children.

What can I say, we made good choices Amanda. :)

Jillian said...

Oh, the joys of owning a "Man Child". They never cease to amaze me.