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17 October 2008

My Favorite Things

Since finding out we are pregnant, we've received several little gifts from friends and family. The coolest thing about getting the gifts isn't just getting the gifts themselves (I'm not going to lie...I like presents!), but it's also seeing people get so excited about our having a baby.

Today I thought I would share some pictures of the adorable little things we've gotten.

These baby socks were given to us from Dave's sister and her fiance, and his mom and Bill.

My parents got our little peanut an IU onesie and little IU socks. We may be living in California, but this baby is going to be a Hoosier for sure!

Dave's mom got us a whole bag full of duck-themed baby clothes, including the little stuffed duck, the baby blanket and the yellow sleep sack.

Our good friends Terri and Bob surprised us with a Serenity Star maternity pillow. Terri owns Moonlight Slumber which makes state of the art baby and toddler mattresses and maternity pillows. Her mattresses have been purchased by all sorts of famous people, like Minnie Driver, Maggie Gyllenhal, and Gwen Stefani. On a less famous note, she has also allowed me to give them as shower gifts to my friends Cole Healy and Tara Moter. Cole's little baby, Olin, loves his mattress.

I've already had a few sleepless nights and I'll attribute those to nerves and anxiety, and maybe even an extra-snuggly husband. I know when I start getting bigger, this pillow is going to be a lifesaver! Also, there are so many uses for the pillow post-pregnancy. The large pillow can be unzipped and inside are 3 separate pillows. The curved pillow can be used for nursing and can also be used to prop the baby up on its tummy or its back. The other two bolsters are the length of king-sized pillows and can be used as a body pillow or bolsters on our bed. Oh, and did I mention that Dave wants to use it too!

This is the Serenity Star maternity pillow. Sorry, no chance of me modeling this yet!

Dave and I are so thankful for all of these gifts, and also for all the people who are showing their support for us through their kind words and enthusiasm. We are so glad that you are as excited as we are!

**Also, a special thanks to Jill who taught me how to do the hyperlinks and how to make the pictures look nice and professional!


Marissa said...

Oh how fun! And that maternity pillow! What a lifesaver that's going to be. :) How's the name game coming along? I know you've got a while, but it took Scott and me FORVER to agree on a name for Mister. Even after he was born we had to try out a few before we decided. And yay for presents! :)

Jillian said...

Maybe it's because I have the eyes of Mr. Magoo, but I'm having trouble reading the yellow part???
I'm going to make your baby the most hip, baby lullabye cd. And then when it's older I'll send one of fun songs to dance to. BECAUSE CHEESY KIDS CDS SUCK. remember that.

Amanda said...

Maybe it's your computer, because on mine it's not yellow, but orange! I'll make it bigger for you!

We still need to do a cd exchange, just me and you!