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15 October 2008

'Nuff said!

Probably the cutest thing this side of the Mississippi!


Anonymous said...

He is pretty cute! Who said they weren't ready to be a grandpa??? He will spoil the baby before anyone else has a chance to. I think he is already looking for golf clubs for infants! Just kidding. I'm sure tho as soon as he/she can walk Grandpa will have a golf club ready for him/her.

xxoo Mom C.

Marissa said...

Haha! I love your dad! Great shirt. Is your baby going to be the first grandchild on your side? Watch out! The first is SOOOOO spoiled. And if it's a girl, oh no. Not only will she be the first on your side period, but she'll be the first girl for our side and we've all been dying for a little girl to buy dresses for! Either way you'll have to work extra hard to un-spoil him/her every time you bring him/her home from visiting the family! Oh please, can you tell I'm excited? :) Haha!

Amanda said...

Yes, this will be the first grandchild and they are SOOOO excited! My mom would always say, "OH, I can't wait to be a Grandma," and Dad would just say, "Naaah." But, now he is proudly wearing the t-shirt and telling everyone he sees that he is going to be a grandpa! It's too cute.