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31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

Okay, Halloween is typically one of my favorite holidays of the year. If you know me well, you'll know I love sweets, and besides Easter**, there is no other time to load up the house on all sorts of candy that you don't typically buy the rest of the year. Easter is wonderful for egg hunts, but that's only really fun if you have kids. Halloween is like Easter for the non-kid families because the kids come to you! I LOVE sitting by the door with a bowl of candy waiting for kids to come and show off their costumes. The memory of the rude behavior of a few kids usually fades away and the only thing I can remember from year to year is the cute little princess and the heroic comic book star.

Well, this year we won't be giving candy to the kids. We are heading down to Santa Barbara to a house party with my friend Michele who recently moved here all the way from Chicago. I will have to admit that this idea does come in second to sitting back and handing out candy. I know what you youngin's are thinking..."You'd rather stay home on a Halloween, Friday night and give candy to kids instead of partying with a bunch of people in Santa Barbara?" And my answer would be a valiant, "Yes I would!" Remember folks, I'm pregnant. And, it's just not as much fun watching people do beer bongs and take shots when you are the soberest of the group who still has to go pee more than anyone else at the party.

Dave and I have been searching for costumes to wear to this party, and I came up with the idea of going as nurses in scrubs. (All I could think about was COMFORT.) Well, we went to a uniform shop and the scrubs were anything but comfortable to me. Not to mention, they made me look like Two Ton Tessie. So, I found a little nurses dress and some tights and will be going out as that. (No, not sexy nurse, just pregnant nurse.) Dave is going to look like Dr. McSteamy (he doesn't have the hair for Dr. McDreamy) in green scrubs. He even got a Grey's Anatomy scrub cap.

So, I've been feeling a little better about going out tonight. Until I got an email from my friend Amy and went from better to GREAT! Amy has a little baby named Caroline and has pretty much been my go-to woman for questions about pregnancy and childcare. Well, she sent me these pictures of Caroline in her costume and I was instantly in a great mood.

She is dressed as Amelia Earhart, in case you couldn't figure that one out. Caroline is the CUTEST!

Next year, I won't care at all about a non-kid Easter egg hunt or parties at Halloween. I will have one of my very own to dress up and goosh over. In the meantime, I always have Magnum!

Magnum dressed as Super Man. (Dave would have probably killed me if I had posted the one where they were wearing matching outfits!)

Magnum dressed as a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch last year.

Magnum dressed as a long haired marathon runner.

**I know the real meaning of Easter, and I am not trying to take anything away from that by comparing it to Halloween or saying that I only like Easter for the candy and the egg hunts. I like it for the ham and the bunnies. (JUST KIDDING!)


Marissa said...

I'm totally laughing out loud at my computer right now! Those Magnum pictures are tooooo funny! I wish you did post the one of Dave in the matching outfit. I'd pay money to see that one! :) Happy Halloween!

Unknown said...

HAHAHa! I love superman. Hope you had fun last night, you sexy nurse. I am writing from Ryan's acct since google says I have an acct already and then I request my pword and it never comes.

Amanda said...

Culley--Thanks for commenting! I got REALLY confused (aka creeped out) thinking it was my brother Ryan calling me a sexy nurse. Keep 'em coming!