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27 January 2009

The Good News Is, They Won't Last That Long!

Just wondering if I should be freaking out or not.... the Egg Beaters I used to supplement Dave's egg-based breakfast have a "Best if Used By" date of April 14th. So, basically, that means that they could still be used by the time our baby girl arrives!

Yeah, I'm freaking out!


Lauren said...

Hahahah, I don't know what's better... the fact the eggs will expire after there's a baby in the house or the fact that you have TWO posts on EGGS right on top of each other!!! She's getting ready to make her debut Amanda!

Amanda said...

I think there are probably more posts about eggs in this blog than anything else. When I posted this, I was thinking that I needed an "egg" category on my labels!

Mom Cooper said...

I haven't done any baby girl shopping in a couple of weeks and I am having withdrawal!! The time is probably going fast for you but I am getting anxious to meet my granddaughter. It seems like you have been pregnant forever!! But when she gets here I know you will be an "egg"-ceptinally good mother.

Love you and peanut so much!