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12 January 2009

Road Trippin'

As if we haven't traveled enough in the last month, Dave and I have decided that we need to explore the local surroundings a little more before the baby comes. We decided the best way to celebrate our 6 month anniversary would be to head on down to Solvang, a Scandanavian-style town that reeks of tourism!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day with a high of 78 and full sunshine. We packed up Magnum and drove about 40 minutes south with our Eyewitness Travel: California book in tow. As we pulled into Solvang, we saw a huge group of ostriches at a farm on the side of the road. We pulled off to take some pictures and even got to see a couple of them chase after each other. We realized that the farm sold eggs and meat and my wonderful husband just couldn't resist! We left the farm with a pound of ostrich meat and an emu egg that is equivalent to about a dozen eggs.... PERFECT for a weekend breakfast for David!

We headed into Solvang in search of an authentic Danish meal. We were told that Solvang has a great Italian restaurant, a delicious French place, and a really cool steakhouse called The Hitching Post. But, what about Danish food? Well, they do have bakeries on every corner. We managed to find a restaurant called Bit O' Denmark, and with a menu of hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and a few Danish meals, a "bit" was all we could find there. Dave braved his way through the buffet (was that 4 trips or 5, babe?) and realized that Danish food wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

We spent the next hour or so walking around the small town. We were most thrilled with the As Seen On TV store where we found everything from a "Peel a Shrimp" tool to the infamous ShamWow that we saw on tv 10x a day in Puerto Rico!

Never buy paper towels again! Made in Germany! You'll say WOW everytime! (Needless to say, we didn't buy any Shamwows!)
I was just happy that I stumbled on Barack Obama in a t-shirt shop (that sold baby clothes and marijuana patches). He was just as confused by their choice of goods, but he was thrilled to pose for a quick picture with me before jetting back to DC to get ready for the inauguration. Maybe he was thinking about wearing the pretty butterfly shirt hanging behind him to the Inaugural Ball.


Lauren said...

I LOVE that picture of you and Barack! Soooo cute! You need to show that to Baby Girl Michelson and tell her she met the President!!! What she doesn't know won't bother her a bit!

Marissa said...

That's a funny post. I can't believe it was 78 degrees and you were wearing long sleeves! You're crazy! :) Glad you guys had fun in Solvang. And I agree - Danish (and most Scandinavian food) leaves much to be desired.

Amanda said...

Yeah, I thought I was going to burn up after we left, but it was afternoon and it cooled down quite a bit. I was perfect!

And, as much of a sweets fan as I am, even the stuff in the bakery didn't appeal to me!

Irma said...

I say write the Major of Solvang about false advertising! Nonetheles, it sounds like a great fun trip. you have a pan large enough to make David an ostrich size omelet?