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16 January 2009

It's a Girl....AGAIN!

No, we aren't having twins! (Thank goodness!) I had my monthly check-up with my doctor on Wednesday and she got a new ultrasound machine and was being trained on how to use it. She asked me if I would mind having an ultrasound done and I EAGERLY agreed!

The ultrasound that was done was nowhere near as detailed as the ones we had done for the nuchal screening or the anatomy scan. But, it was very cool to be able to have a sneek peek of her and her activities. The doctor took all of her measurements and said everything was right on target. She was also able to give me a 2nd confirmation that, yes, our peanut is in indeed a girl. (Which is also a plus since I spent a good majority of time on Tuesday sorting through the baby clothes and realized that there was more pink in it than I had originally thought.) The doctor wasn't able to tell if she looked more like me or David, but she did say she was cute, so she must be a good combination of the both of us!

Our class that evening was interesting, but not nearly as bad as I had been imagining in the days ahead of it. We were supposed to watch a video of a birth, but didn't have time to get to it since we have a couple in the class who likes to monopolize the instructor's time by asking off-the-wall questions. For instance, when our instructor told us that we should eat something to "fuel up" during early labor, the husband asked, "Like...can we bring in a pizza? Because I want Klondike's pizza. Can we do pepperoni? Oooh, oooh, I want mushroom. Can we do mushroom?" Our instructor tried to stress that we wouldn't want to eat something that might not taste so good the second time around, but I'm not sure he got that. His facial expression was that of a man dreaming of beer, football and pizza.

We did get on the floor and practice some positions...and yes, one of them was on all fours. However, these positions were more for trying to relax and alleviate discomfort during contractions rather than the actual pushing positions. I can tell that David is going to be a good coach...even though he spends a good majority of our break walking around looking for the best massage tool that the instructor has brought, only so that I can use it on his back...when it is time to get into position, he is always asking about what feels good and is genuinely taking it seriously. My husband may have been thinking the inappropriate comments when we got down on all fours, but Pizza Guy was the one who actually said them out loud!


Lauren said...

I honestly think I would have beaten that husband with a massage tool... good for you having some restraint!

Fingers crossed that your birthing video has been updated since the one I watched in the 7th grade. Still having nightmares about that one! Not the birth, but the mother...sheeshka.

Mom Cooper said...

I just sent you a video of a girrafe giving birth. Watch that honey and you will think giving birth to little peanut will be a breeze.

Irma said...

Wow...glad David is not like that other guy in your class! Thanks for the confirmation on Peanut's will be so exciting to welcome a 'grandaughter' into the family!

Unknown said...

Don't eat! If you do, you'll poop on the table.
-love Caroline

Amanda said...

Haha. Thanks Caroline, is that what YOUR mom did??!!??