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28 January 2009

Good Thing We're Having Pot Roast Tonight

I just got back from my doctor's appointment up in San Luis Obispo. Everything is fabulous with Baby Girl (I'm scared to call her Peanut since peanut butter is getting such a bad rap these days). I had to have my Rhogam shot today, but honestly, it was 100x better than having blood drawn, so there will be no complaining from me. Plus, I adore the nurse's aide at Dr. Goodrich's office, so she could do shockwave therapy on me and I'd still walk out of there singing her praises.

Anyway, the results from my glucose tests came back normal (in case you all, eh hem DAVID, were worried because of my love of all things chocolate, but most especially frozen Ding Dongs). But, they did show that I'm a little low on iron, so she wrote me a prescription for a filet at Jocko's once a week. Oh, the tough times of being pregnant!


Lauren said...

Mmmm steak AND chocolate... I can't wait to be pregnant. Haha!

I wish I could come over and make you my Mom's famous Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cake... it seriously cures all cravings. AND since it is more oatmeal than flour; it's healthy, right? :)

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, sounds yummy! I want the recipe! And, YES, of course it's healthy...babies need oatmeal!

Irma said...

Wow...Jocko's and frozen Ding Dongs...that is what I call a dream pregnancy!

Marissa said...

Frozen ding dongs? Is that something you normally like or is it a pregnancy thing? I've never heard of that before. You're too funny. That prescription is perfect! Much better than taking some yucky iron pills that give you a stomach ache.

Unknown said...

My results did NOT come back normal and I had to do the 3 hour test where they take your blood 4 times over 3 hours. I looked like I had track marks and got weird, disapproving stares at our lamaze classes. Glad you passed.
Oh - and I thought the drink was actually pretty good. Probably why I failed it come to think of it.