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21 September 2009

Papa Bear and Baby Bear

Here are some cute pictures of David and Olivia from the past few days.


Marissa said...

I just LOVE seeing him as a daddy! Super cute!

Mom Cooper said...

OK in picture #3 who changed their shirt to match-Dave or Olivia???
Father/Daughter bonding time is precious.

Uncle Ryan do you see Olivia is wearing her CNN cub reporter bib??

Amanda said...

Ryan would probably never comment on here, but I did send him a picture message of her wearing that bib and he wrote back and said, "Love that Cub Reporter!"

And, they were both wearing brown by coincidence.

Irma said...

Adorable pictures! Great that they spend such great times together.

Jillian said...

Love the pics! Is this with the new camera? You have very photogenic subjects, lucky girl!

Lauren said...

So cute- and I love that Cub Reporter bib.