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09 November 2010

It's Always a Better Idea in My Head

Ugh, Daylight Savings Time, you are killing me!  Olivia napped for a total of forty minutes on Sunday and Monday; her poor internal clock is so messed up.  She woke up at 6:15 this morning {as opposed to her like clockwork 7:15 wake-up time} and so I decided to try putting her down for her nap at her regular 11:00 time which is now 10:00.  Confused?  How do you think Olivia feels?!

Anyway, it worked like a charm and she slept for two and a half hours today.  And, you know what?  So did I!

After lunch, I thought it would be a good idea to head back to the library and return the music we had checked out from there last week.  And, I thought it would be an even better idea to ride my bike there pulling Olivia.  Are you sick of me complaining about the hills yet?  Good, because let me just tell you, our 10 mile ride the other day was nothing compared to today's.  Pulling Olivia and the carrier adds an additional 40 pounds {at least} and I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack at one point.  We made it to the library and had a nice break reading some baby books and headed over to the park for some swinging and sliding.

It is definitely starting to feel like fall around here!

After about thirty minutes at the park, I packed Olivia back into the Chariot and headed home.  I couldn't even get out of the park before she was screaming and crying and trying to get her way out.  She was over it and I could not imagine riding up those hills with a crying baby needing me to go faster.  I immediately called David to come rescue us!  

My hero!

I seriously think she was just cold and ready to be home.  To be honest, I was too!

Much better!

David ended up riding the bike home {with a little assistance from me} and then went to the gym afterwards.  As if all those hills weren't enough of a workout!

Happy Tuesday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

I don't blame you for calling in reinforcements. And I don't blame Olivia for wanting to get out of the cold. I agree that some of our ideas sound better in our head than actually doing them. Like me going to the gym. Looking forward to our visit.

Marissa said...

Props to you for even ATTEMPTING that ride while pulling Olivia. In my world that would never happen. Unless it was a perfectly flat ride. And I mean flat. I have no biking skills whatsoever. Sure, I could run the hills just fine (yeah, pre-pregnancy, obviously), but when it comes to biking, I'm just hopeless. So sweet of David to come get you guys. I'd do the same. :) Love you!