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02 November 2010

Pretty Sure I Sweated Off All That Halloween Candy I've Been Eating

Seriously, November 1st comes way too quickly after Halloween is over.  I feel like I'm already days behind on taking down my Halloween decorations and there's still all this leftover candy that greets me every morning....and afternoon....and night.

On to my point.  David and I decided that since it was another gorgeous day out, we would ride our bikes over to the voting booths.  No big deal, I think to myself since it's less than 2 miles away and it's our usual route since that's where we ride to Farmers' on Sundays.  I know the hills and as much as they aren't my favorite, I know that I can do them.
This is one of the flat parts of the trip.

Well, we get to the voting booth and realize that our location is at the library.  We live in a small town and I know where the library is.  In my head, it's not that far away.  In real life?  Oh My Holy HILLS.  I seriously couldn't enjoy the downhills for all the uphills that would follow them.  Kinda like life, right?  Thank goodness for the one little pit stop we made.

We passed this house with two horses out front and we gave a little wave and this one started heading towards us.  I couldn't get over how friendly they were.  I *love* horses.  And, this may make me consider riding bikes over in that direction again.

Here comes the second one.

We finally made it to the library to vote {thank goodness they don't discriminate against sweaty people} only to be told that we were registered to vote by mail.  Say WHAT?!  They still let us vote there.  Phhewww.  We took turns with Olivia in the children's area of the library while the other one voted.

Since she was so well-behaved, we rewarded her with a trip to the park.  Thanks be to the Good Lord that it is located right next to the library.

We came home tonight and had some sliders on the grill.  I love these warm evenings.  I jumped on here and calculated that we rode 10 miles.  Yikes.  I haven't even driven that many in the last two days!

Happy Tuesday from the Central Coast!
Look what I found on clearance today at the store?!?!
Katie and I were JUST talking about how yum and 80s it is!


Mom Cooper said...

Good things all around. You got some exercise, it was a beautiful day, you saw some horses, you were out of the house away from the candy, Olivia was good, she got "morie" slide/play time, you spent time as a family, AND you VOTED! Sounds like a good day to me.

Poppy said...


Doug Johnson said...

Thanks. You know why.