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07 November 2010

My Sunday Smiles {Volume 15}

We sure weren't going to let a rainy day put a damper on our Sunday!  We dove right into those trusty board games and let Olivia rip up the playroom and enjoyed every minute of it!  {Even though David whooped my butt on each and every game, except for Memory!}

This sweet little muffin loved naming all the Memory cards.

Night 3 of David putting Olivia down started out a little hairy -- she's totally caught on to the fact that she will not be getting the beloved Ninny Pie.  After brushing her teeth, getting her jammies on, and handing her over to her daddy, she was clamoring for the door and screaming for Mommy.  Break my heart, why don't you?!  But, Dear Daddy to the rescue and he was able to get her calmed down and put to bed with only a few tears.

Night Night, Sweet Baby.

Happy Sunday from the Central Coast!


Marissa said...

Good luck with the weaning. I know it'll be hard on both of you for a little bit, but thank goodness David is willing to take over bedtime duties to ease it a little. Hang in there. Wish I was going to Hawaii for Christmas too. Nope, I'll be pushing a large baby out of my body right about the time you're sipping a pina colada. Wanna switch? :) Love you!

David said...

What a fun Sunday! You beat me on a few games, including Guess Who.