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21 November 2010

My Sunday Smiles {Volume 16} The Recap Edition

David and I just got back from Arizona a few hours ago.  I swore up and down the entire plane ride that I was going to come home and take a nap.  David sweetly promised to take Olivia out for a bike ride and give me some time to snooze.  Since the bed is made and the fireplace is going, I've decided to update the ol' blog now and have a relaxing evening cozied up with my husband and a weeks worth of dvr'd tv tonight.

Olivia and I had a great week with my parents and brother.  A huge thanks to the Ryan Cooper Foundation and its generous scholarship allowing us to fly out for the visit for free of charge.  It's good to be loved.    The JWC Foundation deserves a big thanks, too, for flying David out on Thursday to spend the weekend with us.

I'm sure you all saw the video from the zoo, but here are a few more pictures from that day.

Olivia and her crazy side ponytail.

Having dinner at the Rustler's Roost.
This restaurant had a slide that we went down a zillion times, a dance floor that we most definitely took advantage of, and well, THIS hat.  


On Friday, we had the first of our Thanksgiving meals.  It was nice to have everyone together for the meal.  And, I got Olivia dressed up for the occasion.  Don't worry folks, this is not the last you'll see of Olivia in this dress.

She sure loves her Poppy.

While mom and I worked on getting the food ready, the boys went and hiked San Tan Mountain.  This is something my dad has wanted to do since he moved out to Arizona three years ago.  I'm so glad that Ryan and David were there to do it with him.

The guys before the hike.

This is the trail I specifically told the guys NOT to take.
They don't listen.

I'm SO incredibly proud of my dad!


I guess it's rubbing off on Dad.

Danger?  I laugh danger in the face.

After dinner, we all headed down to the pond for a little fishing.  We've deduced that the catfish are out of the pond, so we researched some new bait ideas for the grass carp that are left.  We brought popcorn, cornflakes soaked in jello, blueberries, cranberry sauce and cornflake dough balls wrapped in grass clippings.  As soon as Dad and I got our fishing rods in the water, we each had a bite.  I snagged one fish and {big shock here} he got away.  David rolled up with Olivia and a few minutes after we handed him his pole, he got one.  Of course Mom, Ryan and Olivia were off riding around in the golf cart with my camera.  

This was the best catch though!

We really had a wonderful time.  David and I were even able to escape for a few hours and enjoy some time to ourselves.  It's going to be hard coming back to the real world without three extra sets of hands to help out with Olivia.  Especially considering all this weaning going on.  I'm going to have to figure out how to distract Olivia from my boobs myself...that's not going to be easy.

Some more highlights from the week {sans pictures}:
  • Olivia chasing down her cousin Beck so she could watch him play his video game
  • Hearing the stories and seeing the videos of Olivia playing Aunt Patty's keyboard
  • Watching Olivia dance with the little kids at San Tan Flats restaurant last night

I'm going to miss this one the most...

Happy Sunday from the Central Coast!


Poppy said...

Awesome blog sis,awesome week, it truly was a great week and you didn't mention how much you helped me clean out my tool/work bench. You are the best at organizing things. We love you guys so much. This week was PRICELESS!

Mom Cooper said...

I agree with your Dad it was an awesome week for us. It is amazing to see all the things Olivia has learned in just 19 months. Her vocabulary is something else and she has a better memory than her Nana. The best part of it was our whole family was together (after David got out there that is). I love and miss you all already but will see you three in three!

David said...

Thank you so much to the Cooper foundations for flying us to Arizona. We had a wonderful time. It is great to be loved! I look forward to our next reunion :)