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13 July 2011

Dreams + A Party

Almost every morning when I go into Olivia's room, I ask her what she dreamed about the night before.  Nine times out of ten, she will tell me that she dreamed about {her friend} Tessa.  On Monday morning, the morning after we celebrated Tessa's birthday, Olivia immediately started talking about a doggy getting into a car.  {I hadn't even had a chance to ask her what she dreamed about.}  She told me about the little dog and the mommy dog getting into the car and wanted to know where he was.  She then said that she saw the doggy when her eyes were closed when she was sleeping.

Seriously, how cool is that?!  She doesn't know what it means to "dream" something, but she described exactly what it is to dream - to see something when your eyes are closed and you are sleeping.

And, speaking of Tessa, here are a few pictures from her birthday party on Sunday.

Before Jacob left the party, we tried to get Olivia to give him a kiss.  She was all for it, but Jacob got a little nervous.  I can't imagine why - it's not like she's aggressive or anything!  ;)

I'm not kidding, she said, Jacob, GIVE ME A KISS!  
{And that was round two of the french braids!}

Happy Wednesday from the Central Coast!


Irma said...

That girl know what she wants! LOL

Mom Cooper said...

Irma, I think she wants turn around and give her a hug and kiss. They are so cute together. I love it.