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25 July 2011

A Quick Weekend Wrap-Up

In case you didn't read my facebook status this weekend, it went a little something like this:  Dearest Amanda of Years Past, Why oh why did you not label the outside of your cds?  Your future self is going to be SO annoyed trying to figure out what's on them.

Because, YEAH, I was.  You know that whole nesting/organizing kick I've been on for the last few months?  Well, something made me go through my cds and, OHMYWORD, we are talking majorly disastrous mess.  Many, many moons ago, I organized all my cds into two large Case Logic books.  I even put them into alphabet order.  Then I learned how to burn cds and make my own mixes.  Sometimes I would just add like 4 new songs that I was obsessed with to a cd so I could listen to them in my car.  If I was lucky, I would label it something like October Randoms or What I've Been Listening to Lately.  Most of the times, the cds went unlabeled.  Well, this future self couldn't bear the thought of just throwing those cds away without knowing what was on them and uploading those to my iTunes if I didn't currently have that song.  {And, don't even get me started on the sound quality of some of the songs that were downloaded from Napster!}

I also found a ton of mix cds that other people have made for me.  My friend, Matt, is probably the MOST talented person I know when it comes to putting together a mix of new {and sometimes old} music and I currently have at least 30 of his mixes, dating back to 2001.  {And, I still have a few old mix tapes of his that I refuse to get rid of!}  He just recently sent out a little lullaby mix for this new baby.  My dear friend, Jill, has also made me quite a few and it was SO much fun to go back and listen to some of them from our days working at The Fort together.  {And, yes, I was kicking myself in the butt for not uploading those cds right when I got them.}  And, as an added bonus, I found a bunch of old mixes that I had made for David when we were dating...and those all had cute labeled inserts!

But, alas, after 2 solid days of sorting through the cds, I only have about 50 blank ones to continue to go through.  Did you see that?  Only 50 blank ones...after two days.  I swear, I have gone through at least 200 BLANK (labeled) ones.  That doesn't include the ones labeled something like Soft and Hard Rocks.  Huh?  {It had some soft jams to it and also some hard rock.  Made sense at the time.}  I have somewhat organized the Case Logic books and separated out all of my Dave Matthews cds/dvds into one binder, my Matt Mixes into another and all of our love mixes into yet another.  Oh, and those burned cds?  Once they were uploaded to my computer, they were tossed.  Best feeling EVER.  {Well, not ever, but you know what I mean.}  Olivia even has her own little Case Logic book for her cds and dvds.  Starting her off right!

Helping me out...

Funny side story:  Once Olivia got her brown boots with "fur" inside them, David would always sing, She's got the Apple Bottom jeans and the boots with the fur...  She pretty much knows the words to that whole chorus.  Well, I found the song on one of those cds, uploaded it, and let her hear the real version.  And, now, not only is that all she wants to hear, but she keeps asking to wear her "Apple Bottom jeans and her boots with the fur."  Oh, Lord Help Us!

And, while I don't have any pictures of the hot mess I created in our family room and kitchen with those cds, I DO have a picture of my school book tubs and Olivia's clothing tubs that I finally finished making labels for.

If I were a little more OCD, I would have precisely measured out where the black labels would go, but I'm not.  I'd also have David move a few of the tubs so that the two that are the same {Book Sets w/ tapes, for example} would be sitting right next to each other instead of on top of each other.  But, I'm not quite there yet!  ;)

David was great taking care of Olivia while I was working on my little project.  But, he was lucky to also have some time away at the Dunes riding on our neighbor's Polaris.

Last night, he gave Olivia a bath and after a few minutes in, she said, "I need to go poopy on the potty!"  She has NEVER initiated that before, so we immediately put her on her potty and sure enough, she went! Mom and Dad were lucky enough to get a cell picture of the prize, but I'll spare you those details!

Enjoying the "fruits of her labor."

I hope your weekend was as productive as ours was.  
Happy Monday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

I will be glad and I'm sure you will too when you get all your "stuff" organized just the way you want it. I will say tho you have done a wonderful job. I thought David had good organizational skills but you are right there with him.

Never thought I would be so excited to hear someone went "big-bop" in the potty, but it is exciting when it is your granddaughter and it is the first time for it to happen. From what I could see, she should have had 2 lollypops.

She may be on her way to big girl underwear.

Irma said...

Indeed, what a productive little girl! BTW...can you come to my house and organize my garage!?! I will pay you a million! (I didn't say dollars ... just a million ... will think of something, haha).