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08 July 2011

The French Know How to Party

Olivia and her daddy went out on their weekly daddy/daughter date night tonight to the Avila Farmers Market.  They just got back and detailed all of their amazing adventures - from fully immersing themselves {or, at least herself} in the ocean to playing with new friends on the playground to dancing with more new friends - it sounds like they had a blast!

So glad that part of my preparation for them to leave included packing a spare set of clothes and a beach towel.  {Do I know my family or what?!}  The other part of my prep work included putting Olivia's hair in french braids for the first time ever!!  I haven't done a french braid in years, but somehow thought today that her hair might be long enough to do it.  She was SO good for me and sat really still the entire time.  {I did bribe her with a lollipop towards the end, but it was totally worth it.}  My word, she is looking so much older these days.  And, I don't want to jinx anything, but we've had two really REALLY good behavior days in a row.  I am trying to wean her from wanting to hold on to my boobs whenever she is tired or needing comfort, so Wednesday was a rough day saying no to her and having to endure a 30 minute scream session because she couldn't have them.  I was fearful that the next several days would be horrible, but she has been so great.  I'm sure it helps that she is back on a normal schedule, is getting lots more attention from us, and is eating much healthier!

So, without further ado -- the french braids!!

All decked out in her beach gear!

While David and Olivia were out having fun, I finally finished putting away all of our clothes from the trip and the four loads of laundry I have done since being home.  Of course, I also cleaned up the family room and kitchen and spent about 20 minutes just sitting and relaxing.  I pulled out my blog book and looked back at what life was like when I was this pregnant with Olivia.   I realized that I haven't gotten any kind of photo props for this new baby and mentally put it on my list of things to do.  Well, the timing must have been perfect because one of the shops I "like" on facebook put up some one-of-a-kind ready to ship items and I was able to pick my choice of them.  I am tempted not to show them off yet, but I'm also super excited about them and can't wait to overload you with some {more} cuteness!

These are from Up Above Creations.  Aren't they ADORABLE??!?!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend planned.  David and I are going on a date tomorrow night to celebrate our 3 year anniversary and then have a fun birthday party to go to on Sunday.
See how we celebrated last year here.

Happy Friday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

Amanda, you did a fantastic job on Olivia's french braids. It doesn't take much to make her look adorable, however she looks especially cute all dressed and ready for her date night with her daddy.

I love the little items for the new one. I'm really getting anxious for her arrival.

Hope you and David have a fun night celebrating your anniversary. Sorry I am not there this year to watch Olivia.

Irma said...

What a beautiful stylish granddaughter I have! Her braids are is she. Can't wait to see her again! Love her to bits!