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20 July 2011

I Just Hope I Don't Quack Like a Duck During Each Contraction

When David and I took Olivia to the fair on Saturday night, there was a hypnotist putting on a show on one of the side stages.  She was hilarious and watching the people she hypnotized was even more hysterical.  On the way home, David and I talked a bit about hypnotherapy and I told him about the book HypnoBirthing that I had heard about from a couple people on Facebook & blogs.  Wanting to do a natural birth again, I decided that reading the book might give me a few more tools for my, ummm, hospital gown.  So, whatever spare time I manage to squeeze in is being devoted to reading this:

I had my doctor's appointment today and all is well.  She is fairly certain that Baby Girl is head down {WooHoo} and I am measuring at about 34 weeks {even though I am 35 weeks and 2 days}.  And, somehow, in the last month, I have managed to only gain 1 pound.  {Thank You, JESUS!}  Small blessings, people.

If anyone has any birthing tips for me with regards to HypnoBirthing or other forms of natural childbirth, send them my way!!

Happy Wednesday from the Central Coast!


Irma said...

I have never heard of hypnobirthing. Keep reading! Good luck with that approach. Glad all is well with you and the baby.

Mom Cooper said...

I say do whatever it takes to get the baby here with as little discomfort (PAIN) as possible!!

No matter how you choose to get her here, you will do great. Just don't be having this baby until I get there!!