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19 October 2011


Today was a good day -- not one temper tantrum from my two year old {thank you, Jesus, Mama needed a break} and very little crying from my {one day away from being an} eight week old.  Lord, give us another one like this tomorrow!

Mom and I ran some errands and got the cutest vintage doll house today {Christmas present} and I can't wait to jazz it up for her.  She's going to LOVE it!

Today is Day Three of Operation Big Girl Panties and we made it through the entire day with NO accidents.  We were even out for most of the morning and early afternoon.  I am SO proud of her.  And I just can't believe how my little girl is growing up.

I love seeing my girls together.  The other night I gave them their first bath together.  Sydney couldn't take her eyes off of Olivia - it was so cute!

Love these pictures of them together!

Skyping with Uncle Rhino

And a few of just Sydney...


Mom Cooper said...

Yep, they are sisters. Sometimes when I see just pictures I have to to take a double take to make sure it's Sydney and not one of Olivia when she was a baby. Especially if Sydney has on an outfit that Olivia wore.

Love my girls.

Poppy said...

I love my grand daughters, thanks so much Sis & David. You did good.