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18 October 2011

Two and a Half

Yesterday was Olivia's half birthday and somehow she knew it.  During breakfast she kept saying, "Today's my birthday." And it took me a few minutes to realize that, yes, it was.  And, in fact, it was her half birthday.

We marked the occasion by going full-force on the potty training.  On Sunday, we bought three packs of big girl panties and a new toilet seat (fitted to go on top of a regular toilet seat).  She's done great so far with only a couple little accidents.  She sure loves getting a jelly bean after successfully using the potty!

My baby girl sure is growing up!

Hello Kitty big girl panties, of course!

Happy Tuesday from the Valley of the Sun!

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

So grown-up in so many ways and then here comes the typical 2 year old Olivia! Nana loves here to pieces in all her 2 year stages.