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13 October 2011

Another Year of Blogging Under My Belt

Well, it's been three years since I started this little blog here and when I look back at some of my first blog postings I realize that I used to actually be sort of funny.  If you do the math you realize that 3 years was before we had any little munchkins running around the house.  No kiddos = more free time.  So, while I may not be as funny as I used to be, I know that my purpose in doing this blog is to keep a record of what it was like for our girls growing up.  So those nights where I just throw something up {mmm hmm, like tonight}, well, at least it is documented.

I saw this today on Dream Book Design and figured it was a perfect thing for me to copy and put up here today.  A little info about yours truly.

A. age :: thirty-four

B. bed size :: cal-king

C. chore you hate :: unloading the dishwasher

D. dogs :: Magnum

E. essential start to your day :: my babies + cereal

F. favorite color :: pink

G. gold or silver :: silver

H. height :: five feet, six inches

I. instruments you play :: tamborine

J. job title :: momma 

K. kids :: {duh} olivia and sydney

L. live :: chandler, az

M. maiden name :: cooper

N. nicknames :: sis {from my dad} and coop/cooper

O. overnight hospital stays :: tonisilectomy in 98 {where a girl from my h.s. who had threatened to beat me up was my nurse.  scary and so i made my mom stay the night with me too.} and my two deliveries

P. pet peeve :: rude people

Q. quote ::
 home is where your mom is

R. righty or lefty :: righty

S. siblings :: one older brother, ryan

T. time you wake up :: whenever my kiddos wake me up

U. university attended :: indiana university

V. vegetables you dislike: all the weird ones

W. what makes you run late :: my husband {and my babies}

X. x-rays you’ve had :: my ankle {side note:  my dad drove an hour to my apartment and carried me down two flights of stairs to his car and drove me to the emergency med center}

Y. yummy food :: pizza and chocolate

Z. zoo animal favorite :: giraffes

Thanks for sticking with me and reading about our sweet little family.

Happy Thursday from the Valley of the Sun


Poppy said...

Kool Sis! I had forgotten about the ankle situation. I always love reading your blogs, thanks so much! Someday the girls will love doing it too.

Jillian said...

I love you, and I loved that blog. I love hearing about your babies ( and I totally stalk your blog on a daily basis), but I loved my friend Amanda I wanna hear about you sometimes. :)

And I totally feel like I used to be SO much more fun before I had kids. NOOOOOOOOOO! FIGHT THE POWER OF ADULT HOOD!
Tonight, In a flagrant display of rebellion against being a grown up, I will eat candy and then go to bed...without brushing my teeth. I may even throw my clothes on the floor too, right after I call someone a poopy-head.

Mom Cooper said...

Neat blog SIS!! Your family is so blessed to have you as the wife/mother figure. Hope that makes sense. You are a great wife to David and an awesome and loving mother to your two girls.

God is good.......all the time.

Irma said...

Enjoyed reading this blog because I learned something new today. Again, please send me soft copies of the two pictures in this blog. I especially love the one of Sydney showing her full belly! Ahhh...