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31 October 2011

A Case of the Schnepfs

Am I behind in blogging or what?  This post is about something we did LAST weekend {not the weekend we just wrapped up}!  I'm thankful for a napping baby and a toddler who spent the night at Nana and Poppy's house last night so that I can try and get caught up.

{I love that she can still wear this outfit from last year!}

Sooo...last Saturday, we loaded up the crew and headed over to Schnepf's Farm.  This place is a typical pumpkin patch times ten!  They have TONS of stuff to do and even with the 100 degree heat, we did most of it.

We started off the morning with the pig races and Olivia actually got chosen to be one of the pig "cheerleaders" and got to go down front for one of the races.  Her pig didn't win, but she won a huge lollipop as a consolation prize.  I'd say she was pretty darn happy about that.

The pig races were right next to the pony rides, and well, you know our love for pony rides!  I swear, I could have just done this all day.  And when I say I, I mean she.  {Actually, I mean WE}

 Just like a cowgirl!

Sweet little Oreo.  Of course she chose the pony whose name was a dessert!

After that, we headed over to the carousel where she went on another "pony ride."  Girl loves her ponies, what can I say?!

The farm had a petting zoo, two corn mazes, roller coaster rides, a train that went all around the farm, a hay ride, a pumpkin patch, and tons of food!

She met a little friend and asked him to tag along!

The farm is fun for adults too!

Olivia saw the flying bumble bees when we stopped to grab a drink and she just HAD to ride on them! She got a little scared climbing in, but loved it so much that she wanted to go for seconds.  

But, we took her over to the airplanes where the line was much shorter!

I was really grateful that the farm had a guest services house with a room especially dedicated to moms who were nursing.  It was so hot and Sydney was snuggled up against me in the Ergo, so it was nice to be in an air-conditioned room to let her stretch, cool down and eat!

 Train ride with Daddy.

Self portrait on the hayride

By the time we got around to going to the actual pumpkin patch, little Miss Olivia was WORN OUT!  She barely wanted to look at pumpkins and most of the shots I got of her were of her showing off her big girl panties.  

We had an awesome time at Shcnepf's Farm and definitely plan on going back again.  Apparently they do all sorts of seasonal things out there and it looks like they have ice skating this winter!  {Which, with 90 degree temps still a regular occurence,  is hard to believe is right around the corner.}

Stay tuned for a post about our fun at the Fall Festival at Nana and Poppy's church from this weekend!

Happy Halloween from the Valley of the Sun!


Marissa said...

What a FUN place! Love her festive dress too! And how bizarre is it with that heat that late in the year? :) Love you guys!

Mom Cooper said...

That was such a fun place. Olivia certainly seemed to have a good time. Pictures are great Amanda.