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20 March 2012

If You Are Going To Be Dressed Alike, I Might as Well Bust Out the Camera

Taking pictures of the two girls is pretty much my idea of a {not so} rockin' good time.  In fact, I would describe it as torturous.  And from the looks of the pictures I've taken of the two of them together, it is torturous for my girls as well.  At each session, I swear I take no less than 50 pictures.  I am lucky to get ONE decent picture of both of them together.  And, by decent, I mean like barely a passing grade in the class.  One of these days, I'm going to post some outtakes.  {I know y'all are saying to yourselves, you mean these aren't the outtakes?!}

Okay, so maybe I didn't get any good ones of them together this day.

New Year's least they are looking in the same direction.

I sent these out as thank you cards for Christmas gifts.  94 tries.  Ninety-four.
And, this was the second picture I took. Go figure.

They are SERIOUS about those Hoosiers.
Would it kill them to SMILE?

At least they are making the same facial expressions in these.
They are tight-lipped about something.

I promise - these aren't the outtakes.

So, yeah, solo pictures are pretty much where it's at.

Oh heavens.  This girl brings me so much JOY!

Thanks, Beth, for the sweet little hat.  

Clearly I need some work in my photog skills as well.  Her hair looks red in these pictures and it is SUPER blonde.  Not to mention, you'd think I'd be able to do something about the drool.  

As my dad would say, What it is, what it is.

Happy Tuesday!


Poppy said...

LOL what it is what it is!

That would be a Poppyism!

Mom Cooper said...

I think the pictures are adorable mainly because I think the girls are adorable. You just keep on keeping on....taking pictures of those two precious girls.

Irma said...

Pictures of these two are always precious no matter if they cooperate with you or not.