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16 March 2012

Sydneygrams {and a few Oliviagrams too}

If you follow me on instagram {joyfulgirl77} then you've probably already seen these.  But, man, they are just too cute not to post up here.

Have I mentioned how much I love this baby?

And, I guess you could say that I love this little toddler too.

Cake pop time.

Oh how she wishes that toy was a cake pop.
{Thanks, Jill, for the sweater pants.  They are the cutest.}

These swimsuits got me on a Liberty of London kick. {So, I have been scouring ebay like a mad mama.}   I'd purchased both of these for Olivia and I'm so glad she now has a little sister to share them with.

Baby booties.

Fishing while Olivia swims.

Oh my...

Can you see how sweet she is?
Because if you can't, let me tell you - She is the absolute sweetest thing.
Hands down.  No question about it.

And I just can't get enough of her.

Her face!

Olivia taught herself this new trick. She is getting pretty skilled in the pool.

My sleepy baby...who {knock on wood} has been sleeping through the night, in her own crib.

Cheering on the Hoosiers!

Olivia's little toes - she took this picture herself.

Happy Friday!


Poppy said...

Very Kool Sis!


Mom Cooper said...

Sweet post. Love each of the pictures.

Irma said...

Such creative fun. Olivia is a natural fish! Good thing you live in a warm weather area! Please send me the photo of Sydney rubbing her sleepy eyes!