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17 March 2012

The Luckiest of Birthdays

Well, Baby Girl, we've got one more month until you are three.  How is that even possible?  I mean, you will really be a full blown toddler at the point.  Oh the joys that could bring.

You sure do bring us lots of joy these days.  As I was saying to your daddy tonight when he told me about all the extra hugs and kisses you gave him before bedtime, When you are sweet, you are the absolute sweetest.  {And, you've got extra special skills in the stinker department sometimes too.  But, at the end of the day, I still love you more than I ever thought possible.}

Here are some of your latest gems:

+ Today, you turned the tv screen off, but the sound was still on coming from the receiver and so you said, Daddy, can you turn the tv's mouth off?  Oh, so cute.

+ We made green cupcakes yesterday for St. Patrick's Day and you could not get enough of the batter or the cupcakes.  I finally told you that enough was enough and you seemed to understand that.  Except when you took some over to Uncle Hank and Aunt Patty's and ended up eating one of theirs.  Apparently your nana asked you for a bite and, not wanting to give her one, you quickly said, Hey Nana, look at that bird outside and then shoved the rest of the cupcake in your mouth.  You sure are quick.

+ We have started you in two more classes - a gymnastics class and a dance class.  Your dad takes you to gymnastics and I take you to dance.  We both had similar experiences on our first classes with you - you basically just wanted to run around like a crazy child trying to embarrass us.  Thankfully, you got your mind right after that and have done a pretty good job of listening to the teacher.  You sure do love being on stage though.

+  The other night after dinner, you got up on your own, grabbed your favorite stool {which you love to use to get you to all the places you shouldn't be} and started doing the dishes.  Girl, keep on keepin' on!

+  Yesterday I pulled out our holiday tub of clothes to find something green for you to wear to gymnastics this morning.  The only thing I could find was your outfit from your first St. Patrick's Day...and it was a size 12 months.  That didn't stop you from wearing both of them last night and the leggings today.  The top I had you wear today was a size 24 months, so I guess when you add them both together, we are sort of on track.  I wanted to get some pictures of you in your outfit, but had to bribe you with a green cupcake.  It was more fun taking pictures of you eating that cupcake.

Such a grown up little girl!

{You were watching the Hoosiers on their way to the Sweet Sixteen}

+  Surprisingly you weren't bouncing off the walls too much - but you did want to show me how you walk the wall in gymnastics.

+  And, here you are two years ago wearing those little pants...even though they are barely visible in the pictures.  This was YOU two years ago.  Can you believe it?  I barely can.

We love you SO very much.
Happy 35 months.


Mom Cooper said...

Love is all around because your Nana loves you too, so very much. I love our time of "overnights" with you. You have grown and changed so much in your short little life. Can't wait to see what the future holds for your my precious sweet girl.

Poppy said...

Wow! She certainly has changed so much from her 2nd birthday. It's amazing what you can do and say and you amaze your Poppy everyday. Love you so much!


Irma said...

Time goes by too quickly! I can't believe she could still get in her same pants. Great that she will have these photos to make the connection. Great post. my green cupcake in the mail!?!