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25 March 2012

Love Her

Happy Seven Month Birthday, Sweet Sydney!
You bring us so much joy and happiness.  You are just the sweetest little baby.  Your laugh is infectious and your flirty smile makes everyone fall head over heels for you.
We love you so SO much.

I've done a few photo shoots with Sydney over the last week and here are a trillion of my favorite pictures.

 {I dressed Olivia in this same outfit when she was about this age...
couldn't resist doing it with Sydney too.}

Girl has got cheeks for days.

To say that I'm obsessed with this precious baby would be a huge understatement.
Happy 7 Months.


Mom Cooper said...

Sydney is such a precious, beautiful baby girl. I love her to pieces too.

Poppy said...

She is definitely a cutie. Love her so much!