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03 December 2012

Sydneygrams: The 15 Month Edition

This girl right here.  She is just too much for me to handle sometimes.  I cannot get enough of her and I can't get over how lucky I am to be her mom.  I say it a zillion times, but she is seriously the sweetest thing.  More than anything, she loves to give hugs and kisses.  If you are down on the ground, she will run to you so that she can wrap her arms around you.  {Well, I say you, but I am really talking about the people she knows or is comfortable with...because she doesn't take to new people very easily.}  And, she seriously gives the best hugs EVER.  Her kisses?  Well, if you like a wide open mouth, then Sydney is the kisser for you.  I love her to pieces.

Bath time is one of Sydney's favorite times of the day.  Even though her big sister bugs her while she is in there, she's usually happiest when she has her bathing buddy with her.  She loves to push things -- strollers, tricycles, shopping carts -- and she is getting really good at playing independently.  {Especially when Olivia lets her...}  And, her hair?  It is getting outrageously long!  

But, she also loves to do what Olivia is doing and it amazes me how much stuff she picks up on that I just don't think she would normally be doing.  Like tonight, she took Olivia's fork and started trying to put Olivia's leftover noodles onto the fork.  And then she gave up and just ate the noodles.  Girl loves her food.

This helmet is her new favorite thing.  She'll walk all over the house in it.

She is learning her signs and does more, milk, all done and book.  She "says" ball, dog, Mama, Dada and uh-oh.  It's funny because a lot of her favorite things start with the letter B -- ball, baby, banana, book -- so we hear that sound a lot.

Here's a blurry shot of her signing book.  Her face is the cutest when she signs it.

For about 3 days, this was a regular occurrence -- she would climb up on this chair or the bottom of her high chair and be about 2 or 3 inches off of the ground and then would CRY because she was stuck and didn't think she could get down.  I'd help her down and then 30 seconds later she would do the same thing again.  

She brings a smile to everyone's face and we are so blessed by her.  Love that sweet girl so much.

Happy 15 Months!


Mom Cooper said...

We are all blessed to have her in our lives. She is such a joy to be around. I too love those hugs and kisses. I can see everyday something new she is doing. She knows where her nose, eyes and mouth are and will point to them when asked. The thing I like now is when I ask for some "neck sugar", she will roll her head back so I can get some. Yes, Sydney you are one precious baby girl.

Nana loves you better than a cat loves cream.

Irma said...

Sydney is growing up too fast! She is beautiful and smart. I just wish she was right next door so I too to ask for some "neck sugar"! Love that baby!